Tuesday, October 21, 2008


lately, i have been avoiding the things that i love and strangely the vise versa. the perfect example that would explain this is that i bunked my favorite faculty's class yesterday and went for himesh reshammiya's latest release: KARZZZ

to be frank, i, like my other friends, went in with a prejudice that HR cannot sing, cannot dance and cannot act. And what's worse is that our opinion hasn't changed after watching the movie! but a new question has popped up and that is that does it matter to him or bother him?! he has and shall always will continue to do what he 'thinks' he's good at.

now, getting to the fun part of it...

there were totally 23 people in the theater (i literally counted!) and out of them some really scared or shocked to even move after the movie got over! trying to figure out what actually they have been put through. urmila has completely lost her charm if she ever had one! the costume designer is maybe a drop out because he absolutely has no sense of how to dress people. the only colors he seem to be knowing were golden (thats maybe his favorite) red and black. the dialogs were pathetic and some of the actions scenes himesh did will make you wish he would have ever met harry baweja :P and the last thing i want to talk about is the music for you all must be aware of it by now. for pete's sake he was suppose to be a rock star in the movie in with these songs (you wont even remember them when u walk out because,they all seem soo similar) no one can ever figure out the way to his stardom!

i hope m successful enough here to save you people from some torture if you were planning to subject yourselves to one!
enjoy the rain...sleep if you have nothing else to kill time but don't go for this movie if anyone offers you free tickets also.