Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When you miss someone!

You know whats missing. And you try to make yourself understand. But what if nothing is helping. What if you really do miss someone. you know its impossible to be with them at the moment but and with all your busy schedule, exciting new job, new challenges; you still can't get them out of your way.
And whats worse is that absolutely no one, yes, no one whom you love is with you. And its not you who is away, you are right there where you belong, but, every one else is away. Far away.

Things that you might try but, they don't seem to work:
  • calling up every random contact in your phone and talking crap.
  • washing, drying, ironing your entire wardrobe.
  • cooking over doses every single night.
  • watch utter rubbish on the television as every damn movie and song reminds you of the one you miss.
  • Even if you are new to your job and it is not required, you work extra hours.
This is still fine, but, the side effects are even worse.

  • you watch a couple just smiling and talking at a red light and you break down in your car.
  • you cry in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the office bathroom, in your boss' car, in your car, in your bed......................practically everywhere.
  • you feel worse if the weather is nice. you cant enjoy anything.
  • you avoid to talk to people. you prefer staying alone leading you to more depression.
Does anyone know a way out of it. I just know that i am really really sick of feeling sick because i am missing someone. and i don't even know if he feels the fraction of what i feel!
All i want right now is to feel how it use to feel being next to each other or ill just drown in this ocean of memories and stray.