Monday, March 23, 2009

eureka!! what an idea sir ji! :)

why cant there be condoms for pen drives?! who gave them the divine right to go fucking all the computers and infecting them?!
okay, i know there is something called as an anti virus and u should perform the virus scan before opening any pen drive, but, there are some viruses who are like deadly. even these virus scans cant control them from infecting your computer.

and, for the worst, i have got my self into this situation. after carefully protecting my lappy for more than two years now, i finally gave way to this deadly virus who's taking over control on my lappy. my poor baeby!

i feel like an irresponsible, looser parent who never told her child to use protection! but, then i guess its not a good idea. as in, the whole job of a condom is to not to let the transfer happen, whereas, that is exactly why we made pen drives.

but, then i find my self thinking that the real job of a condom is to give you what you want without giving you what you don't. that's the whole art of it!
so, can't we make condoms for these cocky pen drives which can help us transfer the data without transferring the infection?! i really wish there is some way!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

welcome! my blue baby :)

okay... so, finally i bought my first ever ipod last week as my advanced birthday gift. the color i wanted was baby purple which i had first seen almost six months back. and that became my #1 on my 'must have' list. i literally lusted for it. but as luck would have it, i did not get that color. it was depressing. so, i ended up buying a bright blue. it looks 'jhintak.' my purple looked far more elegant. but its alright, m happy enough to own one.

but the problem is i still have to get over its charm. its been almost a week, and i would have just sent a few hours without my blue baby in this entire week! i am like addicted to it. i knew this would happen. its my nature. i get attracted to things very fast but, their charm wears off even faster! but in this case it hasen't happened yet and what scares me is that i dont even see that coming. i sleep with it plugged in my ears, i go to the loo with it, brush my teeth with my blue baby still plugged in. except when i have to take a shower and and like some two hours in the entire day, m listening to it.

hey, it just struck me, maybe this is the reason i dont feel like takin a shower in this sticky wether also!
i miss onto conversations with my freinds. i dont hear my phone ringing, and even when sometimes i do, i dont take calls if m listning to one of my faves which happens to be my entire playlist. (almost)

its a good feeling to be in my music world all the time as it is the only other important thing i need to survive in this world. but then, its crazzy! my mind always stays preoccupied with songs. my roomie told me the other day that i was humming even when i was sleeping.. could that be possible! i dont have a clue! but, i surely need to cut down this mania or ill grow completely insane!