Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my 2008: an over view

so, finally we arrive at the last day of 2008. another year has gone by. and another new year is just here.
and there are things which i will never forget about this year. i had my share of noble deeds, stupid actions, laughter, depression, blessings, love and etc.

so, firstly, the best things that happened to me this year:

1. i found him. and m really happy about this. so, definitely this has to be the #1 that makes this year so damn special for me! he had given my life a new dimension and added a whole new meaning to my existence. :D

2. my cousins marriage. it was a long awaited marriage in the family. and i haven't attended a wedding of a really close one since i was 4. so, the whole experience made it really exciting for me! :)

3. the kerala trip. this was the time of the year. i have never been on much of school trips. and this was a long college trip in gods own place so it had to be fun. it was just great. i love nature.

4. another trip. i cant give the details but it was definitely a great one because somebody made it special :) and the scenic beauty was simply amazing.

5. @ BT i lost something very important to me :P

now, turn for the worst things that happened to me this year:

1. even after four months of the disaster i still feel the same pain. i still cant come to terms with the fact that just how could i be so stupid to have done something like this?! okay, no more suspense. the biggest thing i repent doing this year is getting my hair permed. yes, i said tata to my straight hair which i thought were not good anyway. and got a permanent perm done. and i have been hating it since then. and this is one mistake that i'll have to carry in the next year too! how i wish there was a way to get rid of it! :'(

before now :(

2. i have been dying for an ipod and everytime i asked my parents to buy they give me a straight no for an answer. and the excuse they give me is that they are aware of my addiction to music and without they being with me they can imagine it plugged in my ears 24x7. which is no reason at al!

3. my near-drowning experience. boy, it was an experience of a life time. i seriously thought that was my end. although my angel was with me but that didn't help. thanks to that somebody who at the last moment owned u to be my savior angel! anyways, moral of the story for me : i fear death( i used to think opposite to it) at least by drowning.

4. 11th December. from the night of this day to the the night of 12th December. two most horrible days of this year. it was just another discussion. but it spoke volumes to me. and hurt me.

anyway, i guess that is all for my really bad experiences this year. and i have definitely learnt a lot from them which i guess is more important.

hope this another new year is a bundle of happy surprises and loads of love and affection for all of us :)

my 2009 resolution: try to focus on people who are important to me than a lot others. and definitely, i should stop caring..not necesserily actually. i should just care a little less about the world. ;)

so whats urs??!

wish u all a very very happy new year :D party safe!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

soulmates :)

the other day i was reading an article that got me thinking that do soulmates really exist?just how do you know that he/she is the perfect one for you?!

some say its just one look that decides it all and some say its a matter of the time involved.

i personally think that soulmates do exist. maybe its just not one look that takes it all to decide. there has to be more to it. more than the physical attraction, to know who they are underneath.

we all need somebody to spend our lives with, to raise a family. as most of us generally do. but i was surprised to know that a whole lot of couple who are together for like years still think they are not with their soulmates!

who exactly is a soulmate? maybe, somebody who understands you like completely. somebody who understands your needs and respond to them in time. somebody whom you can trust when you just can't trust anyone around you. somebody you know will be there for you know matter what. somebody in whose eyes you can see the passion for yourself. somebody who'll still say whats the matter?! when u try to say u're fine. somebody who'll like you and appreciate you just the way you are.

i personally feel that if you find that somebody, if you are lucky enough to figure out who he is, it dosen't really matter that you get to spend your whole life with him or not. your'e really blessed if you get to. but even if you don't, nothing to be sad about. you would still know there's a true friend out there for you when you need him.

but, now another question has popped in my mind! is it necessary for sombody whom you think of as your soulmate to think in the same way for you? i would like to say no. but doesn't 'soulmate' stand as a mutual term?!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


why do we all have to grow up and be somebody who is held responsible for their own actions?! why can't we all just stay little, young, irresponsible, happy?! why do we have to grow up and make our lives complicated?! why do we have to grow up and to get hurt (emotionally) and hurt others?!
i wonder is their even one single positive side to being 'all grown up!'

i hate being grown up today. i just wish i could be that cute, little, carefree, happy girl, when i just couldn't stay sad after a my favorite chocolate ice-cream, when i did not have a care in the world (except my homework, of course!) when i had plenty of time to dream about how beautiful life will be (now, obviously i know the reality) when i did not have to worry about how others will judge me, when i did not have to think about how i will be interpreted, when i use to feel guilty after lying (not like now, when i feel guilty for not feeling guilty enough after lying!) when i used to have fairytale dreams, when i knew that my favorite color was pink, when i assumed that every one is happy in their lives and when i believed that this world is a beautiful place!

now, it aches my heart to pull myself back to reality which is just the opposite.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


lately, i have been avoiding the things that i love and strangely the vise versa. the perfect example that would explain this is that i bunked my favorite faculty's class yesterday and went for himesh reshammiya's latest release: KARZZZ

to be frank, i, like my other friends, went in with a prejudice that HR cannot sing, cannot dance and cannot act. And what's worse is that our opinion hasn't changed after watching the movie! but a new question has popped up and that is that does it matter to him or bother him?! he has and shall always will continue to do what he 'thinks' he's good at.

now, getting to the fun part of it...

there were totally 23 people in the theater (i literally counted!) and out of them some really scared or shocked to even move after the movie got over! trying to figure out what actually they have been put through. urmila has completely lost her charm if she ever had one! the costume designer is maybe a drop out because he absolutely has no sense of how to dress people. the only colors he seem to be knowing were golden (thats maybe his favorite) red and black. the dialogs were pathetic and some of the actions scenes himesh did will make you wish he would have ever met harry baweja :P and the last thing i want to talk about is the music for you all must be aware of it by now. for pete's sake he was suppose to be a rock star in the movie in with these songs (you wont even remember them when u walk out because,they all seem soo similar) no one can ever figure out the way to his stardom!

i hope m successful enough here to save you people from some torture if you were planning to subject yourselves to one!
enjoy the rain...sleep if you have nothing else to kill time but don't go for this movie if anyone offers you free tickets also.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


june 22nd 2008

i was dying to get back home n was waiting for my fourth semester to get over. i have not been to home in the last five months and for somebody like me who feels so homesick, it is a great deal! but now, here i am, at home from the past two weeks and i am literally and thoroughly bored! i want to get back to my college and get to back to my normal routine. i find it strange though that something for which i have been craving for so long is giving me immense boredom. something i thought will keep me happy for two long months has got me sad in jst 2 weeks, now..thats strange!