Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The thing about Fear

Fear is one of the biggest reason responsible for let downs. It just captivates the essence of anything no matter how beautiful, perfect or powerful it may be for that matter. 
And I am struggling, because I fear. 
Fear of losing what I have right now. To me, it seems so perfect that I have started to count on it. And I fear that will it be able to sustain the trust I have put in it. And if it can't will it be the failure of it all? 
What I fear even more is the reasons responsible for giving it up. Will the reason be fear itself or will I be forced to. 
Everywhere I look around, I find fear engulfing me. 
I had always believed that love knows no fear and with fear in your heart you could never love. Yet, I am here today neck deep in fear, and ready to fight the world if need be coz god knows I have never felt anything this real before. 
I guess there it is. My answer. My strength. 
I just need to be patient and do what I have to do. The destiny will unveil at its own right time. 
Fear or no fear, it will be what will have to be.