Friday, July 1, 2011

The week that was unlike my previous! ;)

Okay. i guess i still am a little high. partially on last night's alcohol and partially on the way i felt last night. its got nothing to do with sex. but, just meeting new people. After last night i realized, that i haven't done that in a while. and it really really felt good. a few of them i met were kinda younger to me but the way we got talking, no one could have guessed it. i had planned to push early cause i wasn't sure about it. but one it all started i didn't even look at the watch once!

All that apart, i really feel sometimes it really is important to meet unknown people. it is not necessary that u go on and develop a solid friendship even if u clicked and gelled well for that particular time. But, it gives u a great insight. a great understanding. and a great sense of relief. don't know about others. but to me it surely does. I get to know that i am not the only one in this world with problems and i am not the only one who is crazy. every one has their own share of that crazy part in their head.

It is not that as many of us say that so n so is very transparent. and so n so is very manipulative. and so n so is pretentious. It is that part of us that is transparent, manipulative, humorous, pretentious, kind, unkind and so on. Every one of us is a mix of them. We never really are who we are. It is always in the moment. In the surrounding to make us who we are. in that moment. for that particular time. and the people who we are with for that particular time remember us that way for the rest of their lives. that kind of explains why different people have different opinions about the same person. so, if someone doesn't like you, someone adores you too :)

so in all ive been chilling this week. and for sure my boss is gonna put my ass on fire the first thing in the morning. but, now that i know it, ill keep the ice in a bucket ready!! ;) :))