Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my 2008: an over view

so, finally we arrive at the last day of 2008. another year has gone by. and another new year is just here.
and there are things which i will never forget about this year. i had my share of noble deeds, stupid actions, laughter, depression, blessings, love and etc.

so, firstly, the best things that happened to me this year:

1. i found him. and m really happy about this. so, definitely this has to be the #1 that makes this year so damn special for me! he had given my life a new dimension and added a whole new meaning to my existence. :D

2. my cousins marriage. it was a long awaited marriage in the family. and i haven't attended a wedding of a really close one since i was 4. so, the whole experience made it really exciting for me! :)

3. the kerala trip. this was the time of the year. i have never been on much of school trips. and this was a long college trip in gods own place so it had to be fun. it was just great. i love nature.

4. another trip. i cant give the details but it was definitely a great one because somebody made it special :) and the scenic beauty was simply amazing.

5. @ BT i lost something very important to me :P

now, turn for the worst things that happened to me this year:

1. even after four months of the disaster i still feel the same pain. i still cant come to terms with the fact that just how could i be so stupid to have done something like this?! okay, no more suspense. the biggest thing i repent doing this year is getting my hair permed. yes, i said tata to my straight hair which i thought were not good anyway. and got a permanent perm done. and i have been hating it since then. and this is one mistake that i'll have to carry in the next year too! how i wish there was a way to get rid of it! :'(

before now :(

2. i have been dying for an ipod and everytime i asked my parents to buy they give me a straight no for an answer. and the excuse they give me is that they are aware of my addiction to music and without they being with me they can imagine it plugged in my ears 24x7. which is no reason at al!

3. my near-drowning experience. boy, it was an experience of a life time. i seriously thought that was my end. although my angel was with me but that didn't help. thanks to that somebody who at the last moment owned u to be my savior angel! anyways, moral of the story for me : i fear death( i used to think opposite to it) at least by drowning.

4. 11th December. from the night of this day to the the night of 12th December. two most horrible days of this year. it was just another discussion. but it spoke volumes to me. and hurt me.

anyway, i guess that is all for my really bad experiences this year. and i have definitely learnt a lot from them which i guess is more important.

hope this another new year is a bundle of happy surprises and loads of love and affection for all of us :)

my 2009 resolution: try to focus on people who are important to me than a lot others. and definitely, i should stop caring..not necesserily actually. i should just care a little less about the world. ;)

so whats urs??!

wish u all a very very happy new year :D party safe!


la kahlfin fan said...

Okay, I rarely ever say this, but very good post. And a bit mysterious too.

I'm going to be a prim and proper lady and not go into what you lost at 'BT', but my guess is it's somehow related to point 1.

la kahlfin fan said...

Okay, about your hair, now this is the area where I have considerable expertise - so my advice: stop overdramatizing the whole thing, it's just hair. It'll grow back, and if you don't experiment, you'll grow a very boring old maid. In fact, I'd suggest something a bit wilder and wackier than a perm next.

And anyway, I have no idea why you're complaining at all - you look perfectly pretty with curly hair. Whitelighter, back me up, will you?

la kahlfin fan said...

And I definitely agree about the iPod thing: it's a lame excuse and does not qualify. Tell them so.

So you were the one who drowned...I was going to make a joke, then I imagined myself drowning. Even in my imagination, I floated back up, since I'm totally inflated, especially nowadays with all the birthday cakes. And my ego - you should see the huge, gas-filled size of it. Nope, no way would I be heavier than water.

There, you see - I made a joke anyway. I have no sensitivity. Hope you didn't have a completely horrifying time.

ananya garg said...

@ comment 1

thank you. :D

okaye...it is related to point 1. ;)

@ comment 2

I know I've been dramatizing this whole thing for a very long time now but i still don't feel tired enough! ;)
but seriously, i prefer the 'other' me. and this was definitely the max limit of me experimenting with my hair. nothing more.

@ comment 3

no use.I've tried.

well.. i cant have an ego. and in that case i guess I'll remain heavier than the water. :( my bad!

on a serious note, actually, it was a horrifying experience.

Whitelighter said...

Whitelighter backs up La Kahlfin Fan saying the same thing that he has been saying for the past 4 months. Forget the hair. You still look good. Hopes this will be accepted this time. This being a new year and all.
And you lost your mind. But, was it at BT?? :P

la kahlfin fan said...

Forgive me, I have truly wronged you. I should have thought of the mind. Now I feel like an idiot.

P.S.: Could you remove the word verification?? It comes whenever we want to comment

Sathyanarayana said...

What a crap! I cannot believe I read that complete to find something sexy behind this gal! Phew. Regret haven't not read geetha instead.