Thursday, January 29, 2009

powerpuff gays!

this little incident that happened a couple of days back made me aware of the 'gay' power. i was at a food court with a girl friend, a guy friend and a gay friend of mine, when this guy came up to us and asked to join us. my guy and gay friends had gone to order some food. and we simply said yes, knowing that he'll have to move once are other friends were back. we thought it'll be some fun! but the guy was no fun. he turned out to be pretty cheap and when we asked him to leave he wouldn't. so, i sent a text to my guy friend telling him about this guy and asking him to get back. he was their in no time and asked the guy to getup and leave. the guy refused and said if we have a problem we should leave. i got up to leave but my other girl friend found 'our leaving' pretty insulting and refused to leave. so it was time for some action. i am a very peaceful person and all this was scaring me. and right then, my gay friend stepped in with 'that' smile on his face, bent over the table to get to that guy's level, placed his index finger of his right hand on his chest and said 'i've started going to the gym to build up my stamina... can i please have your number!' all of us were like WTF???!!!!
and my gay friend looked so damn serious... i still cant stop laughing when i imagine that other guy's reaction! he appeared to be so puzzled, he just quietly got up and left without a word!
so, now that is the power gay have over guys.

and this was not the first time my gay friend got us out of this kind of a situation so effortlessly. and i have to tell you this other incident. this happend long back. it was at our post annual fashion show party. when almost our whole college was at this disc. again we were the same group dancing at the party. me and my other girl friend get really mad when we are dancing together. we really do get crazy. so we were busy doing our sexy-crazy dance moves when we unitedly decided (at the same moment) to dance with a senior of ours. both of us thought he looked hot! so we slowly danced our way to where he was and then started 'our' dance. we knew it would attaract him :) and he soon joined us. and after we got him all worked up we wanted to leave which was not happening. he woudn't let us leave. and we didnt want to continue with him any further. then my friend said something in my senior's ear and left and left me wondering! and then she got back with this gay friend of mine who joined us in our dance. he surely was having a great time wit our senior but i dont think that our senior was enjoying. he got so pissed with our gay friend that he just couldn't take it anymore. and it was soooo much fun to hold him back to dance with all of us whe all he wanted to do was to run away!!

so, all the girls who have gay friends are really really lucky! value your gift! :D :D

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la kahlfin fan said...

@ ananya
Nice! Good for you, I say. He's a friend worth envying.