Saturday, February 28, 2009

a dream that i hope will come true :)

i want to make a new resolution.

my friends and people who know me tell me that how nice i am to them or how helping i am or whatever. surely, it is good to hear all good things about yourself, especially when the compliments come without any efforts made!

but, somewhere, i know they are not completely true. there are people whom i completely dislike. and i end up being bluntly rude to them, every time. and then i regret. because i want to be somebody who is able of unconditional acceptance. i have a long way to go for that, but, m sure i am capable of it. the dream i have, for that, there is no place for any sort of hatred. spreading love, laughter and happiness satisfies me. makes me content. gives me my peace of mind.

so all i want to do is promise myself that i'll give up all the grudges, hatred, pain i hold against a lot of people and start fresh.

love, does change your life. and slowly, i am realizing this. if we just try spreading love through all its forms, this world be a lot more beautiful.

this is just a personal feeling:
it is a great feeling to know that you are loved, that a heart cares for you, that someone's thinking of you. its beautiful. it makes you feel on top of the world, makes you happy, gives you an assurance that you are never alone.
to earn someone's true love is the greatest treasure one can ever have.


la kahlfin fan said...

to be kept completely..are u sure u can keep yours? Not because i doubt u, but because this is a very tough goes partly with ur nature, partly with whose company you keep, and only partly by ur determined actions.

I hope for the sake of all around you, and especially you yorself that you manage to keep it. Good luck!

la kahlfin fan said...

the first line of my comment didn't come. It was: A resolution is meant...

ananya garg said...

thankyou :)
it is indeed tough to keep a resolution. to be honest, i, myself have broken a couple of them. but i feel determined to keep this one.