Thursday, March 5, 2009

welcome! my blue baby :)

okay... so, finally i bought my first ever ipod last week as my advanced birthday gift. the color i wanted was baby purple which i had first seen almost six months back. and that became my #1 on my 'must have' list. i literally lusted for it. but as luck would have it, i did not get that color. it was depressing. so, i ended up buying a bright blue. it looks 'jhintak.' my purple looked far more elegant. but its alright, m happy enough to own one.

but the problem is i still have to get over its charm. its been almost a week, and i would have just sent a few hours without my blue baby in this entire week! i am like addicted to it. i knew this would happen. its my nature. i get attracted to things very fast but, their charm wears off even faster! but in this case it hasen't happened yet and what scares me is that i dont even see that coming. i sleep with it plugged in my ears, i go to the loo with it, brush my teeth with my blue baby still plugged in. except when i have to take a shower and and like some two hours in the entire day, m listening to it.

hey, it just struck me, maybe this is the reason i dont feel like takin a shower in this sticky wether also!
i miss onto conversations with my freinds. i dont hear my phone ringing, and even when sometimes i do, i dont take calls if m listning to one of my faves which happens to be my entire playlist. (almost)

its a good feeling to be in my music world all the time as it is the only other important thing i need to survive in this world. but then, its crazzy! my mind always stays preoccupied with songs. my roomie told me the other day that i was humming even when i was sleeping.. could that be possible! i dont have a clue! but, i surely need to cut down this mania or ill grow completely insane!


nishant said...

fyn..... so these r the thots of a piscean about her ipod(tho she was craving for some baby puple !).
But d important thing here is that dis is no ordinary piscean. Its a real cute one! :)

tough job ..being a critic... but what strikes u is that d text is lucid. and she descibes d most basic daily thots coiling them wid d materialistic needs of a person ..
and yeah! u need that shower girl! haha

ananya garg said...

i knw dude.. i badly need one!

Whitelighter said...

Pick up the phone, I have been calling for quite some time. And do take a bath before you meet me. Maybe the last time you took a proper bath was before we went to buy that tiny thing.

la kahlfin fan said...


I too know what it is to gain an iPod and an obsession at the same time. Don't be afraid, you won't get tired of it. Mine's 5 months old, and I still sometimes get lost just looking at its beautiful face.

You gotta show me pics of that sometime!!

Eeeeee! I'm so happy for you!

We're like iPod sisters now :)

Ya, I know! Tacky, right? I don't care.

la kahlfin fan said...

Whitelighter, by the way, is NOT amused.

Mogambo khush nahin hua.

ananya garg said...

m soo glad to know that we share the same excitement!! :D :D

as for whitelighter, i guess he's a lil 'J' coz i spend more time with my new babby now! ;)
woww!! m hap hap happee :D