Thursday, June 25, 2009

The latest love of my life!

well... its a girl. and m so totally in love with her. i have spent quite some time of my previous summer breaks with her but this time our bonding is magical. i have my internship also going on during this summer which is why i only get to spend the evenings with her. its actually sad but i look forward to coming home after a tiring day's work!

no matter whatever time i get back home, she's there waiting for me. and then she'll be in the kitchen with me as i make a cup of black coffee for me and as well as her. just a bit though, for her coz she dosen't happen to like its taste much. and as we drink our cups (of different sizes) of coffee, we discuss our day and she listens to each of my crap story with equal curiosity. everytime. and i have no idea how much sense she's able to make out of them but its really nice to talk to her. sometimes it feels like no one else pays so much attention to whatever i have to say.

and after i am a bit relaxed its time for fun! we play stupid games,but, oh! how i love them. the best one is to stick our tongues out and see who gets to lick the other tongue first! i know how foolish it sounds but its so much fun with her. and then we dance on the ketchup song and we roll over the bed laughing and we've made up some funny steps on 'the final countdown' song and we go crazy doing them! then we play hide and seek which she seems to enjoy a lot. and after all this she doesn't want to go back to her home, so, she stays back as i make dinner for myself. and she really likes what i cook. :)

and then finally when her mom comes to call her home for dinner she has to leave but she always leaves with a promise to be back tomorow evening. which she always fulfills. only until today. and thats the reason of the post. she's not home today and m missing her!

anyway, she'llbe here tomorrow and then probably i'll show her this! now m off to buy her a birthday present for her birthday is only a few days away and this year she'll be three! :D
i cant wait to dress her up like a birthday barbie! :D :D


Whitelighter said...

you are filling up a three year old with caffeine!! are you seriously mad?

ananya garg said...

she just haves some spoons.. thts all!

Whitelighter said...

caffeine is caffeine and you are creating a drug addict.

la kahlfin fan said...

birthday barbie sounds cute :)
dont listen to whitelighter...u r not creating a drug addict...

ur sister i presume?