Thursday, June 16, 2011

Was it Worth it? or not Worth it?

For someone like me, holding a secret from someone i think about and talk to day and night, wasn't easy. But i tried my best to keep up despite the almost tickling anxiety to burst it out just for that one expression of happiness that I wanted to capture for an eternal timeless memory.
Now, i will have a timeless memory but, it wont be of lips breaking into a smile and eyes lighting up with sparkle!
I guess that every turn, deserves a return and that's probably why my efforts to make a special day extra special have led me to such a state of shock. I don't know if god is planning to send me on some WAR, because that could be the only explanation possible for such heartbreaking events that occur and are turning me into a colder person by the day!
You can only wonder that why the universe conspires against you when you don't conspire against anyone at all. And wondering will only lead you towards madness.
All I've learnt is some people are deserving and some are not. But, I am no judge of it. You can only do what your heart tells you to, as it always shows you the right way, even in spite of the fact, that, this was not the way you wanted to take! But I guess, that's the irony of it, and my life.

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