Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meena Bazaar :)

Okay. Sometimes in life you really do feel happy. And you wonder how did it happen. And if you have wanted something for a noticeably long time, when you get it, it seems somewhat unreal.

For people who are close enough to me and who happen to know about MYRA might think i'm messed up with my priorities. Because its just been two months since its inception and i'm celebrating a new job offer.
But, trust me I know what I am doing. And it indeed is all for MYRA. I mean there would've been nothing better if i would've got this opportunity a year back. But now I guess, at that point of time I would've had no idea how much I can make out of it. And how important it really is for me to make my dream a reality.
Plus...i know how badly I needed to work in a proper work environment. I mean its just the right kind of place where i've always wanted to be in.
So, I really really am proud of myself for cracking this one! Thanks god! :*

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