Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turn Away...'coz I need You More

ligament fucked. head feels like some elephants are pounding inside it. but this Diwali was one of the very few good ones I've had. Yes, family wasn't around but the latter half of the day, it was just like everyone was home! There is so much to write about every single detail but some details are better in-scripted just in your mind.
If at all there is a time in anyone's life, where they wish they could go back into the past, relive it all because they didn't know back then that it will be soon gone, it was today for me. I know GOD has always been kind and I honestly thank him a lot for THIS.
but, Attachments bring more pain with them. I have always, Always believed that nothing happens without a reason. and i don't know the reason. and i am definitely not strong enough to wait for it to be out in the open.
Why should there be a choice to not endure the pain that has been caused and live anew?
with new freedom, come new Risks.
Better to be in your cocoon and lie comfortably in the darkness. The flash of hope is bound to hurt the pupil of your eyes.