Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things about my life, R!

That i love.

#1 The dimples. they make me go weak in the knees.

#2 The way he can always make up a pj on anything in the world!

#3 He understands my love for other girls! :P :))

#4 I can discuss anything with him. i don't have to give a second thought . my fears. my failures. my insecurities. without being judged. its the best gift!

#5 The way he lifts me up. seriously. i never thought anyone would and could do that. ;)

#6 A damn amazing and sincere cook. i love to watch him cook. :)

#7 The fact he never drinks much when i'm around drinking..to take care of me. :*

#8 He's my encyclopedia. :))

#9 At his best when he's romantic!

#10 He always resist initiating a fight with me. accepts me with all the flaws i possess. and the he says i mean everything to him. i know i do. :)

Things i hate.

#1 He's not much into cheesy and mushy stuff.

#2 Thinks giving gifts isn't the best way to make each other happy.

#3 Kinda reserved when he is doing his serious thinking.

#4 Knows everything just too well. i can never fool him! huh.

#5 Doesn't dedicate me enough songs! just one in three years! (n m sure he wouldn't remember which one :P )

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