Friday, April 20, 2012

the tunnel phase

sometimes being alone seems the worst thing. and in this span of time, everyone you meet seems to have the best time of their lives. don't really know how much of this is true but the fact remains that it sucks from the inside.
i just fail to understand that how at every moment the way you feel differs. at one moment you're so awesome and the next you are sulking so bad that you wish no one could even see you. and where does these signals come from in the first place?
is it bollywood movies?
or love birds songs?
or ur fav sitcom couple splitting?
or some mushy story?
or ur friends getting married?
or the happily ever afters?
whatever it might be, it really sucks! does everyone at some point goes through this phase in their lives? or is it just me?
okay it is really hard to say it out loud but i have screwed up everything. the relationship with my parents, my friends. everything. and i dont even know why i am just going on like this! i mean there will some way out of this whole web, right?

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