Saturday, December 1, 2012

BitterSweet Symphony :)

here i am. once again, after months of highs and lows trying to decode the same old heart and its worries.
this post marks another phase of my life. the road, definitely not less traveled but still unaware of its destination.
music has forever been and forever will be the central and most integral part of my life and probably that explains the sudden and recent changes in my life. the only thing is how to trust your heart and even the stuff you most believe in? what is the evidence that it wont trick you? clearly, none. then why does one still goes spellbound under its influence and the broken heart dares to dream again? it cant be hope. hope has been thrashed and that too, more than once.
it has to be a different connect or a connect at a whole different level.
I just want to put a rest to all the thoughts in my head and hum along this beautiful bitter sweet symphony and then if destiny let it be, make it the most beautiful song of my life :)

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