Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Burning holes in the pocket could've never felt better!

 A sense of little pride has brought me here to write about it. 
Off late, I have been buying music from iTunes. Not downloading it although, it's an equally available option. And everytime I buy a track, I tell myself that next time i will rather download it for free. 
But, the feeling of proudly buying it without any piracy involved is so incredible that I feel like I can never go back to downloading. It's as if I've created a guilt and pollution free little library in my iPhone. 
Also, there are emotional reasons to it. As an out and out music lover, I've always felt how these songs have become a part of my existence contributing to it in some or the other way. Hence, purchasing the music legally is a token of appreciation you can offer in return and let them know that you believe in them.  Not that they need all that money but in terms of showing my respect and gratitude towards the artists I believe in. 
In all, it's a great feeling. It really is. :) 

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