Saturday, September 21, 2013

Turning One!

This year has been like a beautiful country song. And when i say that, i mean it was all-in-all melodious, laid back, happy, smiles-all-around kind of an year.

And honestly i am so grateful for it because i wasn't expecting this. But, then again, that's life. always full of surprises. and such, I love and I am just thankful because i was loosing my faith in love. And i didn't want to, because that is my only basic need for survival. And it was making me weak.

And this one year has taught me very clearly that love is all around. you cannot have it if you try to create it . it just needs to be felt, shared and nurtured. That you cannot rush the things you want to last forever. That everyday becomes a celebration and very sacrifice an opportunity to let your love grow deeper.

The celebration is not because it was hard to get here and that we finally made it. Instead, it is about how effortlessly, smoothly and in all happiness we have arrived here. it couldn't be more beautiful.

This year has given my faith back to me. it has given the strength to dream and to believe that love and music can fix anything. it has given me so many wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

I am just so overwhelmed with all of it right now. life couldn't get any better!

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